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Step Into A World Of Rarefied Luxury
By visiting our website today, you have made a discerning choice. Before you leave you’ll realise that if you wish to indulge in something truly rarefied and thoroughly luxurious, it’s time to join Elite Tour Club. Here, you couldn’t meet a finer company of travel experts. Added to our vast know-how is the advantage that we originate from a multitude of countries; which means we have much in common with you, our clients.
Elite Tour Club knows how to satisfy your desire to sometimes veer off the beaten track, whichever cradle of civilisation you choose to explore. We have been selecting exemplary holiday destinations, comfortable transportation and luxurious accommodation for over 15 years. Heritage, history, comfort, and the romance of travel concentrates our minds. Sense-of-place engagement and personal service is what you’ll experience from our itineraries to the most evocative destinations.

Our alluringly adventurous tours in Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Morocco and Sudan encompass the unique cultural and desert worlds of North Africa and the Middle East at their most authentically fabulous. No regions on Earth have such profound duality [, such as] between the heritage of the ancient past and their often misunderstood identities in the modern world. It’s not our business to airbrush away concerns about ‘trouble spots,’ but huge areas of our beloved regions are safe, secure and wait with dignity to unveil their treasures.

Entrust our passionate Elite Tour Club travel experts — many of them qualified Egyptologists — to lead you through the birthplaces of civilisations and faiths, to the sources of the great myths of antiquity, and to where empires rose to power before clashing to retain their riches. Witness this among the epic ruins of Giza, Petra, Nazareth and Palmyra.

Our extensive experience helps to ensure that you fully grasp the historic legacy of our national capitals. In Cairo, Amman, Jerusalem, Damascus, Istanbul, Rabat and Khartoum we will captivate you with what’s astonishing, inspiring and utterly rewarding. There’s an emphasis on panoramic aspects too: witness the spellbound landscapes of Mount Sinai; Saharan sand dunes and palm-fringed oases; spectacular rock formations in Wadi Rum; and the unique salt buoyancy of the Dead Sea that lies 422m below sea-level — the lowest place on Earth.

We are also committed to touring in a manner that is thoughtful and respectful of the local populous, their culture and environment. Elite Tour Club’s clients often attest to the gracious welcomes, many kindnesses, and unconditional hospitality that embrace them. We don’t like to leave our host countries without contributing some good in return, hence each of our destinations includes a charity project that we’ve identified as deserving particular attention.
Our Responsibility Towards The Community

Our Responsibility Towards The Community

Read more about how Elite Tour Club uses your trip to contribute to the communities in each destination.  
About Us

About Us

Elite Tour Club is aware of how to satisfy your desire to occasionally veer off beaten tracks, whichever cradle of civilisation you choose to explore.