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Immerse yourself in coral resplendent marine life, culture and adventure, luxury and sophistication, history and haute cuisine. Our expert guides will introduce you to wondrous Israel. We include iconic Jerusalem including sites within the Occupied Territories, sparkling Eilat, starkly modernist Tel Aviv and Bethlehem’s source of nativity.

This land that chaperoned Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Baha'ism and Druzism is crammed as full as a syllabus. It promises geology, marine biology, agriculture, classical languages, religious studies, art, history, politics, economics, medicine and technology — not to mention psychology and superb Jewish cookery! Yet from Israel’s subtropical south to its ski-resort North, Wales and New Jersey are about the size of it.

Known in 4,000 year-old Jerusalem as ‘Haram Esh-Sharif’ and ‘Western Wall’, Elite Tour Club ’s guide explains all this stonework — the remains of what was originally Fort Antonia. This early Roman fortress was named after general Marcus Antonius of Antony-and-Cleopatra fame. At the Western Wall —  divinely revered by Jews the world over — reflect that this is Jerusalem’s most preserved edifice since the lifetime of King Herod antipater and his tortured contemporary, Jesus of Nazareth.

For millennia, the populous have fiercely contested the origins and history of these holy places. hence, the Western Wall (Hakotel Hama’aravi) is alternatively believed to be what is left of the perimeter of King Herod the great’s long-destroyed Temple Mount. It was the Christians of the 1660s who christened it the ‘wailing wall’. Forty years after King Herod antipater crucified Jesus, Fort Antonia was used to house the Roman tenth legion. In 273 ad the soldiers were ordered out of Jerusalem: “move south to Eilat” — at last, nice work if you can get it.

On the exotic Red Sea, Eilat is situated north of its subtropical bay. The most southerly beaches in Israel are here to host sophisticated water sports and adventurous scuba diving. Tropical fish can be experienced at their best among the protected reefs of the coral reserve; and there are mysterious amphibious creatures at the underwater observatory.

Invading Bethlehem in 614 ad, Persian hordes were said to have spared the church of the nativity from destruction because they were impressed by its ‘magi icons’ (‘Persia-admiring graphics’!). so this marker of Jesus’ birthplace remains the oldest surviving church in the holy land. Bethlehem is also the birthplace of David, the second King of Israel. warriors slaked his thirst with well-water in the cave of Adullam, which is, like other names to be conjured with — Galilee, Golan, Negev, Caesarea and Masada — choc-full of biblical aura; and you deserve to share it. 

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The Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Israel Tour Highlights

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre; ‘Haram esh-Sharif’ and ‘Western Wall’, and The Site of the Birth of Jesus of Nazareth.