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Woman At Luxury Spa
At Elite Tour Club, we fully appreciate the need to take a break and focus on rejuvenation, in oppulent surroundings. Our tours offer the creme de la creme of luxury breaks in specially chosen surroundings which will allow you to take that well earned rest.

Whether you are running a demanding business, a career high flier, or having to meet the demands of a family, we know that sometimes the best gift you can give yourself is to stop, take stock and enjoy time away from your everyday life.

Choose from one of our suggested itineraries, or have us create a tailor made solution for your travel needs encompassing the best spa treatments and beautifully moving spiritual tours.

Whatever your need, we can help. See our suggestions below for Elite Tour Club tours to bring you infinite tranquility or speak to one of our travel consultants.

Infinite Tranquility ToursDuration
Luxury Zahra Cruise14 days/13 nights
Egyptian Spa Retreat7 days/ 6 nights
Jordanian Spa Retreat7 days/ 6 nights
Israeli Spa Retreat7 days/ 6 nights
Selective Jordan10 days/ 9 nights
Reveal the Middle East16 days/ 15 nights

Spiritual and Yoga

Our Spiritual and Yoga Tours offer you a link to the deep bonds to the soul that exist at our destinations as well as a chance to relax, unwind and get away from everyday stresses.

Egypt is one of the worlds leading spiritual destinations with many visitors enjoying the chance to revel in the incredible history and spirituality of ancient sites.

Spa and Wellness

The Western Desert covers two-thirds of Egypt, it spans infinitely westward, with an occasional oasis in focus — a distant green smear amid red-hot aridity. It makes cooling down all the more exquisite in Hurghada, at Elite Tour Club’s Spa resorts.

Many of the therapies utilise the Red Sea and its Egyptian microclimate for their rarefied therapies. There’s also a wide array of sea-sporting activities to enjoy — including windsurfing, water-skiing, coral diving and snorkelling.
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