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Customised if you’re disabled, deaf or blind.

Deaf Alphabet
Deaf Alphabet. There are many types and degrees of disability. We know from experience that whatever your disability and consequent special needs, you interact with environmental and attitudinal barriers 24-hours-a-day. You are entitled to equal rights in your daily life — that doesn’t need to be emphasised here. And that goes for anything approaching discrimination, exclusion and restriction from participation in society. That’s why we at Elite Tour Club are proud of the improvements we’ve made to the logistics of our customised itineraries for the disabled, deaf and blind. We are honoured to offer you a range of luxury tours. Our special-needs tour teams can include care practitioners and/or registered nurses or doctors if you wish — whoever you as a single person, or you and your partner, companion or carer require. You might be wheelchair-bound and would prefer adapted accommodation, or are able to climb a few steps and don’t require full adaptation.

For the sight or hearing-impaired, maybe you would like to experience an Elite Tour Club itinerary for the blind, or the hard-of-hearing or the deaf. Luxury tours for blind and reduced-sight members are chosen to bias towards the evocative aromas, sounds and tactility of our multifarious locales. Our members’ carers will often expand these sensory experiences by being ‘eyes’ to add to out tour leaders’ commentary. And for the acutely hard-of-hearing or deaf, we ensure that our tours are fully signed.

We can offer wheelchair provision so you do not have to bring your own when you travel with us.

We also make sure that all of our luxury hotels and exclusive resorts are able to offer access for the disabled so that your trip will be memorable and comfortable.

We originate from a multitude of countries, which means we have much in common with you, our travelling members. Exemplary holiday destinations, comfortable transportation and luxurious accommodation have obsessed us for over 15 years. Heritage, history, comfort and the romance of travel concentrates our minds. Sense-of-place engagement and personal service are what you’ll experience from our alluringly adventurous tours in Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Syria and Sudan.

We are also committed to luxury touring in a manner that is thoughtful and respectful of the local populous, their culture and environment. Elite Tour Club’s members often attest to the gracious welcomes, many kindnesses and unconditional hospitality that embrace them, and we don’t like to leave our host countries without contributing something good in return.

Speak to our travel consultants today and find out how we can create a wonderful customised tour to meet your needs.