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Romance, Wedding, Honeymoon and Marriage Vows

Are you in the sea of love, those precious early days of romance or courtship? You might be planning a gorgeous wedding or an exotic honeymoon, or you might be seeking just the right arena in which to renew your life-long commitment to each other. Whatever your wishes, we would love to provide you with a thoroughly luxurious solution. You and your partner can do this with Elite Tour Club. Together we can make this all too magical for words.

Beach Wedding can be easy with Elite Tour Club
Secluded bliss and luxuriant havens are a given; next we add sense-of-place engagement and personal service. Our managers, staff-members and tour leaders are expertly attuned to their exotic itineraries. Elite Tour Club’s selected hotels are abundantly pleasurable to reside in — many with infinity pools, rejuvenating spas and invigorating gyms. And there will be time to appreciate exquisite European, North African and Middle Eastern cuisines and eclectically-stocked wine cellars.

Our unique cultural odysseys and desert kingdoms will totally satisfy; after all, where can adventure and history be more romantically promising? Endorsing only the most luxurious and relaxing venues, we have selected places of unequivocal appeal to discerning lovers. They’ll be your romantic retreat, your wedding venue, your honeymoon hideaway or a dreamland in which to renew of vows. Elite Tour Club is proud to sensitise these memories for both your lifetimes — and to allow you to delight in your good fortune.

Add to the good fortune of local brides to be by donating your pre-worn wedding dress. If you are able to donate a dress for a bride to be who is not able to buy her own, then we will help make a dream come true. Look at our Contribution page and see how your wedding dress can make a difrerence.

We present some of the most romantic spots from North Africa to the Middle East; our specially selected and tailor made itineraries for you and your partner, fiancé, husband or wife.

Why not use one of our suggestions below or feel free to discuss your own ideas with us and we will make it all happen.

Some Romantic Suggestions For Your Special Occasion

Renew Your Wedding Vows On The Beach
Propose to your loved one in a Felucca on the Nile. We will arrange an evening of pure romance in a beautifully decorated setting.

Take your loved one to new heights and propose in a hot air balloon in Luxor. What better way to start your romantic journey?

Propose at sunset by the Pyramids in Giza, with a bottle of champagne to make the moment special.

Renew you wedding vows on a beach or in a scenic and spiritual church at the destination of your choice.

Most of our luxury hotels can arrange superb banqueting facilities for the perfect wedding. Check with our travel consultants and they will let you know where we can arrange a wedding outside in picturesque surroundings.

Ask us how we at Elite Tour Club can make your special event one to remember forever.